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  • Talking about addiction with teens

    Sometimes you need a little help talking to your teens about substance abuse. Or even where to start. Here are some great resources.

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  • Talking to your teen about drugs
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    Addiction to a substance can ruin many lives. From the user's life to the lives of those that surround the addict. Addiction is a painful experience to watch and to live through. Support is the largest thing that can determine if an addict is going to have a successful recovery or not. Many people try to work through their addictions themselves. However, without a strong support system of people surrounding you, relapse is an even bigger threat. This is an important part of your recovery. Not only will it help you to fight the urges, it will also give you a better sense of where you play a role in your recovery. A support system is not the only important part of your recovery; however, it is a cornerstone of your recovery.

    Another important part of your recovery is seeking professional services for your substance abuse issues. There are a lot of options from inpatient services where you stay at the recovery center for a time. The other is outpatient recovery where you stay at home, and work with someone to break the chains of addiction. This can be as simple as a meeting with a counselor or getting a mentor at AA. The severity of your addiction will be used as an indication of where you need to start in your addiction counseling.

    Be sure to check out our links. There you will be able to find some resources on where to turn if you or a loved one need help to break the chains of addiction. Together we can help break the chains of addiction that bind us.