Who is affected?

Beginning Dialogue

Opening a communication line between you and your children about substance abuse isn't easy. Here are some great resources to help you in the process.

  • A Parent Talk Kit (PDF)
  • Tips from Phoenix House
  • Advice from KidsHealth

  • Non-Profit Links

    Many non-profit agencies can be a wealth of information for you as well. here are some links we found.

  • Drugfree.org talk kit (PDF)
  • 8 ways to talk to your child
  • Talking to your teen about drugs
  • Who Does Abuse Affect?

    A look at the scope and consequences of substance abuse.

    Many people like to claim that substance abuse is a victimless crime. But that is very far from the truth. Here we will lay out the scope and consequences of substance abuse. For the individual, their families, and in their communities.

    For the addict of any substance, the effects can vary. But no matter what the effects are, they are never pleasant in the end. Many people lead a life of despair looking for their next "high". Others live a shorter life and eventually succumb to an overdose due to their addictions. And others get clean and live life as normal as they can while fighting the urges of addiction.

    For many families that watch a loved one struggle with abuse, it can be very a heart-wrenching experience for them. They sit on the sidelines watching the pain and struggle that there loved on goes through wishing that there was some way to help them. Some families do try to help and go about it the wrong way. Whether it be giving them money, or buying them things that they later sell or trade to get more drugs. An addict can rip a family apart without really seeing how detrimental their decisions are to the ones that love them the most.

    The entire community can suffer from an addicts decisions. Some addicts have been known to steal from neighbors and businesses in their communities to support an addiction. This leads to people having to take out insurance claims. This, in turn, raises the insurance that they have to pay on a monthly basis. The same goes for stores as well. Stores must pay a higher insurance premium to recoup the costs of merchandise being stolen. They in response to that higher operating cost must raise prices so they don't see a drastic fall in profits.

    In the end, everyone pays for a person's decision to use. From paying higher prices at the store, higher prices in insurance, or even higher taxes to cover more police officers and emergency responders, we all pay the price of addiction.

    Rehab Centers For Teens

    Try as we might to protect our children, things happen. In that case, here are some rehab centers for teenagers.

  • Teen Treatment Center
  • Muir Wood Teen
  • Recovery.org list

  • Life After Addiction

    Life after addiction isn't easy. here are some resources to help the process.

  • Rebuilding the Wreck
  • Rebuilding a Sober Life
  • Making a life after addiction