About Us

Connecting Communities and breaking the chains of abuse

We offer a free publication to the youth of America to prevent abuse in our communities and work together with schools to strengthen our communities through education.


Together we can be a positive change for abuse and addiction in today's youth. Youth everywhere are surrounded with all types of temptations. Teens struggling with bullying, abuse, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. We combine our efforts with local support to be a resource to help parents and teachers approach the topic of abuse in their communities. Given the knowledge and resources we combine, we can overcome the cycle of abuse and addiction and build stronger relationships with our neighbors.


Substance abuse is not a victimless crime that some people like to make it out to be. It affects everyone surrounding the addict. From parents to siblings, to peers. Substance abuse can also negatively impact local businesses as well. For every item stolen to support an addiction, the owner of the business must file an insurance claim or absorb the cost. This causes prices of goods in a community to go up as well. When prices go up, we all pay the price. Preventing abuse in our communities will not only make our neighborhoods safer, but stronger as well.

Building Families

Families are hit the hardest in the vicious cycle of abuse. Watching a loved one go through the pain of addiction is not easy for anyone, let alone the ones that are closest to them. Together with help we can overcome and break the chains of addiction. Please consider helping us make a difference in today's world. Together with education and prevention we can help provide resources and support for families.

Strengthening Communities

Communities are often hit the hardest by the effects of abuse. The old adage of "it takes a village to raise a child" is still true today. When abuse rears it's head and starts destroying communities, we are all affected. Together we can break the chains of abuse that bind our youth and our communities. Join us in strengthening our communities and helping our youth. They are our future.

Substance abuse is a disease that doesn't go away overnight. I am working hard to overcome it. I'm prepared to face the consequences.

Lindsay Lohan

Our Mission Statement

To break the chains of abuse, prevent addiction from rising, build stronger healthier communities.